About Y’all Digital

We are a boutique digital marketing agency that is based out of Meridian, Mississippi.
Our company takes a unique approach to what we do, by using innovative design techniques, industry leading methods, and communicating with our customers in plain English. Our project development process applies an approach similar to that of an assembly line, utilizing our strategist, programmer, graphic designer, copywriter and marketing experts in strategic order.

We encourage you to contact us today, so we can discuss your business goals and bounce some ideas around!

Southern hospitality isn’t just a phrase, it’s a way of life!

Being born and raised in Mississippi, we understand the way things are done in the south! From grandma’s sweet tea to fishing on the lake or a hunting trip early in the morning; we fully embrace the southern way of life.
Part of that is what we southerners are most known for – our hospitality. Being kind to one another and helping out where you can is what southern roots are all about.
At Y’all Digital, we practice this value on a daily basis and fully encourage a hospitable environment at our work places.
Don’t be surprised if, when speaking with one of our amazing team members, you hear “Yes ma’am/sir” or “How are y’all doing”, as this is simply how things go around here!

Why should I work with y’all?

Great question! Here are 8 reasons why you should work with us.

You won’t find any high horses around here! No stuck-up receptionist, no latte sipping salesmen, and no fancy office in a high rise building. What you will find are hard working folks who have a knack for creating awesome digital experiences.
Do you need your website to integrate your customer or order database? Need to upload audio/video files? How about android and iOS integration? Or an eCommerce site? We’ve got it covered. We can do all of these things, and much more!
Do you really need 100 pages on your website? We think not. Our websites are built with simplicity in mind. We get the point across without all the fluff. Our approach to website design results in faster load times, easy navigation and are less likely to present problems in the future.
Y’all Digital has low overhead!
We don’t have a fancy office in a high rise building or 200 stressed out employees sitting in cubicles all day. This means that our prices are extremely competitive and our work is top notch!
Our clients have fun working with us! We don’t speak in a bunch of technical gibberish, just plain english. This is one thing that makes our website design process painless and uncomplicated. We all love what we do and you’ll see smiles all around any day of the week around here!
We want to be your partners, not just a website guy!
Our goal is to build a relationship that lasts for years and years. We accomplish this by working closely with our clients to really understand their needs, and staying on top of evolving trends in technology.
Our business growth is directly related to our honesty with our clients. We’re up front with everything from our pricing to ongoing maintenance. We don’t have anything to hide! This is one of the main reasons why our clients are always happy to tell all of their friends and colleagues about us.
Our job is to build an awesome website for you, but we’ll give you the options and information to design it in your image. We make recommendations, but every decision about your website is yours to make!
Whether you’re design or tech savvy or not, we’re by your side the whole time to ensure a fun experience and great outcome.

Our Fearless Leaders

Chelsie, Arleigh and Blake

Home is where the heart is for Blake and his family.

Blake grew up in Meridian, Mississippi. Attending high school at MHS and then college at MCC. He studied electrical engineering in college and later decided that the hardware side of things just wasn’t for him. He had an eye for design and loved playing around with languages like HTML, CSS, Java, etc.

Chelsie was born in Longview, Texas and her family moved to Mississippi when she was in elementary school. She met Blake while working at a tech store as a teenager. Two years later, they were married and the rest is history!

After feeling unfulfilled in a few different jobs after college, Blake and his wife, Chelsie, decided to bite the bullet and venture into the world of entrepreneurship. Y’all Digital was born!

Since starting the agency, Blake and Chelsie have accomplished many goals of their own, as well as benchmarks for the business.

They believe that all business owners would benefit from embracing the ever-growing world of digital marketing. Therefore, they vow to show as many people as they can what is possible with a solid online strategy and the knowledge to implement it.

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